4 Tips To Look Better Naked

Let’s be honest, as motivating as it is to become more disciplined, edge your sword of consistency, and to happily swap a donut for a celery stick, the high of looking at your progress when it’s just you and the mirror hits another level.

To be clear, I’m not advocating that fitness is only good for the physical attributes, I actually tend to focus on the mental and character development benefits since those are the results that actually make a difference. 

At the same time it would be ignorant of me to pretend that coming out of the shower and seeing the reward of all the hard work you put in isn’t a damn good feeling.

In an era where so much is easily given and the answer to most problems comes in one day shipping, it doesn’t top those 3 magic words. The words that irrevocably walk themselves into your thoughts after almost any measurable accomplishment that says, “I did that!”. 

Being a trainer who actually gives fuck has brought me to a host of conclusions that I’ll summarize into one sentence: Most of us make that step into the realm of fitness to boost our confidence, challenge our insecurities, live longer, and look good naked.

I’m sure there’s a bunch of you naming 100 other detailed reasons but for the sake of not getting lost in minutia, let’s keep it short. 

If you’re with me so far in this post, it means perhaps you’re either interested in starting this journey for yourself, for a significant other, or you could already be on it and can use a couple tweaks to stay on track. Either way, I got you. So without further ado, here’s 4 summarized tips to looking better naked; 

    1. Be Mindful Of What Goes Into Your Body

We’ve all heard that saying growing up as a kid, “what matters the most is what’s on the inside”. Well guess what? That’s still a very true statement. The same way the ugliness in someone’s character can reflect on the outside, the same goes for what that person consumes on a daily basis.

If you’ve been filling your body with tons of fast food, refined sugars, soda, and the last time you had a drink of water was by mistake, then what do you think will reflect on the outside? 

Change truly starts from the inside. Six pack abs and that flat stomach you’ve been wishing for won’t happen if you don’t take this part seriously. Men want the biceps, the washboard, the physique that stands out and let’s you know he’s confident, strong, and exudes masculine energy.
But fellas, as much as we wish we could achieve those goals through the Wendy’s dollar menu or $5 dollar pizzas, our body’s don’t operate that way. The dollar menu bellies just aren’t the way to go, trust me. 

For the ladies, in accordance to the many I’ve had the pleasure of training and coaching over the years, they want the round glutes, toned arms, flat stomach, and to personally incinerate the love handles (not literally of course). But the same goes for both sides of the coin, a bullshit diet will reflect in the outer appearance and inner esteem. 
Where should you start?
  • Drink more WATER! Close to a gallon daily. Give your body a chance to cleanse itself properly. 
  • Eat more healthy, More frequently. A lot of you are getting by with eating once a day and are still in disbelief that you’re either the same weight or still adding it. The metabolism doesn’t speed up from lack of nourishment, it slows down. Swap the fried chicken sandwich for chicken breast, and move up that eating frequency to once every 3 hours.
  • Get a morning routine that consist of the Warrior Protein Shake. Here’s the recipe - (2 scoops of protein, 1 half banana, 1 tsp of Maca powder, 1 tsp of wheatgrass, 1 serving of strawberries, 1 tbsp of almond butter.)  
    2. Get Your Body Moving and Grooving
I’m not talking about dance moves here, (although dancing is a great form of cardio). However I’m leading to the base point of just being active. All of us are fighting entropy, the state of doing nothing and being stagnant.

Our bodies find a comfort zone in being lazy, and our minds can become BS generators in convincing us to workout “tomorrow”. The problem with comfort zones is happiness doesn’t live there long, it may seem like the better option when faced with doing more difficult work, but ultimately you end up skipping the gym, eating shitty food, feeling sorry for yourself, repeat.

Best way to end an unwanted cycle is to make a move against the grain. Can’t make it to the gym? Challenge yourself to complete 30 squats, 20 pushups, 30 crunches before bed (repeat 2x for advanced).

Shitty food disrupting your flat stomach dreams? Make an effort towards cooking your meals for the day or the week. Not only are you saving money by not eating out all the time, you begin to put yourself in a literal groove that your body will appreciate.
No more feeling sorry for ourselves. I dare you to walk for 45 minutes to an hour on the treadmill once a day. I dare you to use that membership you’ve been paying for a year. You got this.
    3. Dress For Success
Pro Tip: Wearing clothes you look good in at the gym, mentally pushes you to do what it takes to look good naked. Don’t believe me? Observe your personal style over the next couple days and pay attention to what you decide to wear, and why.
Why does wearing a suit or dress to work display seriousness and intent? Why do we associate certain styles with personality traits? The answers can stretch a mile but the point is, when your gym fit is leveled up, your brain does the same thing and activates dedication.
Look, I’ve had plenty of gym sessions where I wore rags and still managed to push myself through the hour. But I stand as testament; when I specifically bought shirts that fit my arms, chest and back just right, it was like a secret boost in my go hard tank.
This goes for the ladies as well. Leggings are million dollar industry within themselves for good reason. Thread quality, performance, and style take precedence.
Excuse my French, but fuck the social media comparisons that attempt to make you feel like you can’t wear clothing that fits or most importantly, makes you feel good because of your starting point. We ALL have beautiful qualities about us and deserve to feel confident within our domain. 
Vulnerability? But Alex, aren’t we talking about physical attributes here? Yes we are, but you want to know what’s really sexy? A person's ability to be unapologetically themselves with the discernment to be vulnerable when it matters.
Following each step up until this point may have you looking like a new person in front of the mirror, but if you’re still fighting the inner battles that keep you from truly accepting and loving yourself, you’ve only partially won this journey.

As I mentioned in the beginning of this article, we’re in a time where you can alter virtually anything at the drop of a hat. For many people, the altering doesn’t stop because they keep overlooking what really matters.
SELF LOVE. When you strip away the things you tie yourself to that boost your confidence in their own way, what are you left with? If we took away the money, the physical attributes, the material attachments, even your friends and significant other, how much love is left that breathes inside of you? Being naked isn’t just about nudity, it’s about being completely you.
I’m 28 years into my journey and guess what? It’s still something I have to cultivate within myself daily. I’m not impervious to the comparisons that social media causes us to do.

Having a big platform puts you in a competitive space and can make you feel like you don’t do enough, aren’t ripped enough, aren’t successful enough, aren’t just.. enough. I’ve followed every piece of fitness advice that I offer you all, but the real win and the biggest flex comes from being able to love yourself through flaws and your amazing traits.
How can you become vulnerable and reach the highest level of self love and self acceptance?
  • Meditate on your strengths
Take out a piece of paper or write in your phone. Make a list of what beautiful traits, habits, thoughts, accomplishments, features, whatever you can come up with. I challenge you to jot down at least 50 things. Can’t get to 50 just yet? Start with 10 a day. Build unconditional love within you one day at a time
  • Read, Read, Read
There’s a book that I personally recommend to everyone I come across. It’s called: The Mastery Of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz. This book single handedly reshaped my thoughts when it came to what true love is, both of self and between two people. Don’t become imprisoned by habitual thinking, stretch your limits and introduce your mind and body to new patterns.
  • Extend Yourself
Practice being truly open with a trusted friend or significant other. Start with sharing something that you would normally keep to yourself out of fear they won’t accept the real you.
You should only want those around you who can accept the good and bad parts about you because none of are perfect, and we all have them. Stop hiding away your feelings, your sense of humor, your clumsiness, or whatever it is that’s unique within you.

If it’s with a partner, practice taking time out of the week to be completely open with each other in a judgement free zone.

Intimacy stretches far beyond just the physical touch. And once you reach a level where you feel your true self with them, everything you do together inside the bedroom will ignite a new fire between you.
Honestly if you’ve made it this far all I can say is thank you for taking the time out of your day to read some of the inner workings of my mind. This being my first blog it means more than you can imagine.
Follow these steps and you’ll be well on your way to Looking Good Naked both outside and inside.
Dedicated to your fulfillment,
Alexander Scott

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