Fight For Ours Project Tee - Unisex

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We Fight For Ours. We’ve been waiting for the right moment to announce what we’ve been working on lately. This fight isn’t momentary, it’s something we in the Black community have been going against for over 400 years. When we say enough is enough, we mean it. Not just with words, but with action too. The one thing systematic oppression fears, is unity. They’d have us believe we can’t make a sustainable change. They’d have us believe that we are the few when in reality, we’re the many. They’d have us believe they can hurt us, separate us, kill us, and we won’t fight back. If these past few days have shown you anything, it’s that we CARE for ours, we CRY for ours, but most importantly we FIGHT for ours. We don’t just talk, we take action.

50% of ALL proceeds will be going to #JusticeForBreonnaTayler and towards #RunWithMaud. There’s so many of us who deserve justice still and we refuse to not acknowledge or give them the powerful level of attention they deserve. Even if it’s one step at a time.